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New or Used Boxes for Moving House?

March 17, 2015

New or Used Boxes for Moving House?

At Express Cartons we specialize in providing used packing boxes for sale, as well as new boxes.

Reusing cardboard boxes is an important part of our business, and helps customers choose where to buy moving boxes for a number of reasons.

Firstly, used house moving boxes are cheaper than new ones. At Express Cartons we buy thousands of mostly once used boxes from companies, and reuse them as removal boxes.

We guarantee that all our used packing boxes for sale are in 100% good condition because we visually inspect them one by one.

In addition, used boxes for moving house are more environmentally friendly. It is likely that if Express Cartons did not buy the used shipping box from an importer, for example, then it would be sent off – prematurely – for recycling.

Don’t get us wrong, recycling removal boxes is essential, but only – in our opinion – when the house moving boxes have been used more than once. This is because recycling boxes requires a series of steps including chemicals, etc. to break down the box to be remade into something else.

Therefore, we feel it is better to make sure a house moving box is used at least twice before it goes off to the recycling centre.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

If you are looking to buy moving boxes, take a look at our moving boxes for sale here. We have a whole range of house moving boxes to suit your needs.